Your feedback helps us improve. Below, please find a list of the most common questions and contact information for our customer service department.


What’s your contact information?

Mrs. Green’s Natural Market
1 Bridge Street, Second Floor, Suite 3
Irvington, NY 10533
Phone: (914) 472-7900
Email: Customer Service Inquiry Form

How do I activate my Market Rewards Card?

To activate your Market Rewards card (our loyalty card) please visit

How do I check my Market Rewards balance?

Currently, the only way to check your balance is at the store – a cashier can let you know once your card is scanned. Your points are also at the bottom of your receipt.

What if I didn’t earn points on a recent purchase?

Please fill out the form at to claim your missing credits.

How can I learn about products you carry?

We carry many different products across our locations and availability can change depending on seasonality, merchant stock or dozens of other factors. You’ll get the best and most informed answer by calling the stores and asking an associate. Phone numbers are available at:

How can I get up to date information on new and upcoming stores?

We announce this information as soon as we have it – check our locations page to find the most up to date information on store openings.