Green is Good.

Good is our commitment to the communities we serve. We know our customers and gladly support local causes and organizations that make the neighborhood — and the Earth — a better place to live.  Good is what you’ll find in your local Mrs. Green’s store!

Here at our Chicago store, we are proud to say that we now carry Jolly Oak Granola.  Jolly Oak is an all-natural granola with zero preservatives, zero high fructose corn syrup, zero trans-fats,  and zero GMOs.  AKA zero artificial anything! Jolly Oak was started by two rad chicks named Mandy and Kim, who met through their children’s school carpool.untitled (8)

I had the pleasure of sitting down with the two of them to find out more and taste their delicious granola. Yum!  It feels good to be addicted to something so good. My favorite is Dark Chocolate Coconut Raisin.  Click to order some for yourself! Jolly Oak Online Ordering

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Q & A

When did the two of you start Jolly Oak? (Kim)

We started Jolly Oak in April 2012. We initially met to discuss Mandy’s healthy cooking blog Healthfull Ever After, but our conversation turned into career dreams. We both discovered we are passionate about healthy cooking and baking and wanted to start our own business that incorporated inspiring clean eating for everyone.

Why do you shop at Mrs. Green’s?

We are passionate about healthy living and eating. Mrs. Green’s aligns with our goals of clean eating. It offers organic produce, delicious healthy prepared food, a wide range of unique natural products and free nutrition consultations.   Kristen and Allison, the Registered Dietitians for Mrs. Green’s Chicago, are available for great advice and offer creative tips to make your favorite recipes healthier.

When you are not shopping at Mrs. Green’s, what are some of your favorite things to do?

Yoga for Mandy, tennis for Kim, watching mindless tv shows, reading cooking magazines and cooking and baking.

What is your favorite food item at Mrs. Green’s besides Jolly Oak Granola of course? (Mandy)

Kim is obsessed with coconut anything so I think she will agree that our favorite food item at Mrs. Green’s is Nutiva Coconut Oil.

Stay tuned for our next Shopper(s) of the Month Blog.  It could be you!
Here at Mrs. Green’s we believe that nothing feels better than treating you to the good things in life.