Pure Clover Honey Sticks - 100 Pack

Pure Clover Honey Sticks - 100 Pack

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Take a moment to stop and taste the flowers.  Not literally of course but honey is made from the nectar of flowers that bees visit as they bounce from bloom to bloom.  So, taking a moment to stop and enjoy a delicious honey stick is like taking a moment to frolic through a meadow, meander near a stream and take in a breath of fresh clean air.  

Our pure clover honey sticks are filled with honey from the Great American West.  A place where things move slower, the air is cleaner, and the stars shine brightly at night.  

Bring a little natural goodness back into your day with Mrs. Greens pure clover honey sticks.


Q: What is a Honey Stick? 

A:  A honey stick is a plastic straw that is filled with honey and sealed on both ends to create a simple, portable, and delicious honey treat.  

Q: How do I use a Honey Stick? 

A:  Bend one end to create a little pressure, then put the other end of the honey stick in your mouth and pinch between your teeth like a sunflower seed to pop open the seal.  Then just squeeze the honey out and enjoy!

Q: Why choose Mrs. Greens for your honey sticks?

A:  Mrs. Greens is dedicated to a simple mission.  Support people with wholesome products and natural foods so they can enjoy happier healthier lives.  

Technical Details: 

  • Each honey stick contains 1 tsp of pure clover honey (5g).
  • Sticks are just over 6 1/2" long and 1/4" in diameter.
  • 100 Sticks per container.
  • Straws are made of clear bpa-free polypropylene.
  • Honey Sticks may crystallize during storage but can be easily liquified in warm water without damaging the honey. 
  • Honey should not expire as long as they are stored at room temperature and are properly sealed.  


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